An Introduction To Sex Toys For Men

The Arcwave Pow, a stroker and sex toy for men, sits on a shelf next to a mirror and some diffuser sticks.
Sex toys for men like the Arcwave Pow are many and varied – and offer a range of sensations for people with penises to enjoy.

In the last few years the variety of sex toys for men has exploded. But if you ask a lot of men, the only toy they know about is the FleshLight range. Originally created with a realistic mould of an adult performer’s vulva and an intricate, not at all realistic intricate and stimulating interior, Fleshlight is as much about the fantasy of who you’re with as the sensations the strokers provide. FleshLight led to FleshJack sex toys, modelled on male gay adult entertainers. And other brands quickly jumped on the bandwagon and now there’s a huge selection of sculpted vulvas and anuses for you to enjoy, as well as a lot of non-realistic sleeves and toys that make up the most popular sex toys for men: masturbators and strokers.

The most popular sex toy for men: Strokers and Masturbators

Now you might be thinking, I have been masturbating for a lot of my life, why would I pay for anything to do with that? Well, your hand is a wonderful thing but it hasn’t evolved in 100 thousand years. Male sex-tech is changing by the day. Plus, repeatedly reaching orgasm one way only – say, lying on your back and using your hand – can make it difficult to cum in other positions. Or with a partner.

Okay, but what’s the difference between strokers and masturbators?

How you use it.

Jokes aside, the terms are used interchangeably. We use stroker to refer to unpowered toys you still need to move with your hand, and masturbator to refer to powered toys that offer suction, vibration or other stimulation. So if you’re shopping with us, our strokers offer you a new texture, and are very quiet, making them good for travel. Our masturbators offer you sensations your hand can’t. And some of them work hands free!

The PDX Viewtube is a classic sex toy for men.
The PDX Viewtube 2 is a real-feel stroker with a hard outer case for an easy grip and corkscrew patterns of pleasure ridges on the inside.

Strokers like the PDX Viewtube 2 are often crafted from a realistic feeling material. Inside is a wonderful texture – in this case corkscrew – which stimulates the penis far more than your hand can ever achieve. All you need is a little water based lube and you will have a very different result to normal! The real feel material is usually a form of rubber. You’ll find it listed as ‘TPE’ or ‘TPR’ in the materials section. A lot of men like TPE because it clings to your penis and provides more stimulation than silicone. It’s also cheaper so TPE toys are often more budget friendly. They do break down quicker though, and the material is porous. So we don’t recommend sharing your TPE toys with anyone other than a long term partner!

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Some strokers are closed at one end to provide more suction as you pull out. Some are open or can be opened and give you control over how powerful the suction is. An open or openable end also makes the toy easier to clean. In the end it’s really down to personal preference.


A svelte man in a open neck shirt holds an Alex Neo 2 masturbator.
The Alex Neo 2 by Svakom is an app controlled vibrating masturbator. It can sync to online adult media so that its thrusts match the action.

Masturbators range from the budget friendly, battery powered Apollo Power Masturbator from Calexotics, to more premium options like the interactive Alex Neo 2, which vibrates, thrusts, and can sync to online adult media so what you feel matches the action on screen. Others include suction cup mounts for hands-free play, and some even have phone mounts. They also offer a range of entrances, just like the Fleshlight.

Egg strokers

3 Satisfyer Masturbator Eggs. These sex toys for men are water activated.
These compact egg strokers are water activated and designed for one use. Each has a unique texture inside.

Egg strokers are budget friendly sex toys for men that are small, pre-lubed, and super stretchy. Some can be used right out of the box, others soften and expand when you soak them in water. Many are designed for single use. Want to use something for a special occasion? Or you have a few boyfriends on the go and you don’t want any contamination? Travelling and want to save space in your luggage or carry something that doesn’t look like a sex toy? A pack of egg strokers will serve you well.

Sex toys for men to make you bigger, harder & stronger: Extensions, Pumps, & Cock Rings


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Want to know a secret? The average penis size is much smaller than the movies you’ve been watching suggest. So you’re probably fine. But if you want to give your partner a different sensation, you can get something like the Admiral Liquid Silicone Beaded Penis Sleeve. Sleeves and extensions add either girth, length or both, and can be a good addition if your partner has a larger hole than you are naturally able to fill. Just talk to them first. Not everyone wants to be completely stretched all the time.

Penis Pumps

A Bathmate Hydromax 7 Penis Pump
Penis pumps are sex toys for men designed to help achieve an erection. Some, like this Hydromax Wideboy, work with water rather than air. This one is also designed for men who need a bit more room due to thickness.

There may be various reasons to use a penis pump. Some people might struggle to get an erection (Erectile dysfunction or ED). Others may find sexual anxiety makes it easier to use a pump beforehand, and others just like how it feels. All pumps are made from a tube which fits over the penis, and a pump that removes the air or water from the tube. Combined with a base that forms a seal around your shaft, the resulting vacuum encourages blood to fill your penis, causing an erection.

You can use penis pumps if you don’t have ED, and it will simply cause you to get a fuller, harder erection. Just know that pumps get you as big and hard as you’re naturally going to get. They don’t make you bigger over time, no matter what the internet says. Once you’re hard, remove the pump to masturbate or enjoy sex. Or you can use some pumps as masturbators too! If you find it difficult to maintain your erection without the pump, you may want to use a cock ring.

Speaking of…

Cock Rings

An attractive man lies in bed holding a We-Vibe Verge Cock Ring
Cock rings range from simple bands of silicone to vibrating, app controlled sex toys for men like the We-Vibe Verge. The longer extension stimulates your partner during penetration, or can be turned around and used on your own perineum.

For the price and the difference it can make to sex, every guy should own a few cock rings. The entry level products are just TPE or silicone rings that keep the blood from leaving your erection. Most men from time to time lose an erection due to their mind wandering from the task at hand. This can change the dynamic in the room very quickly. Some men also find them helpful in avoiding premature ejaculation, and men with sensitive balls can use them to avoid being put off by the way your balls tighten before orgasm.

Cock rings have evolved like most toys and there are now sophisticated options like the Wild Secrets Excite Vibrating Couples’ Ring, which allows either partner to control up to 10 different vibration settings via a remote. The stretchy ring fits over the shaft and/or balls if you want, and the soft silicone head stimulates your partner while you enter them. A great addition to penetrative sex!

Anal Stimulators & Prostate Massagers

A man holds the JimmyJane Pulsus Prostate Massager in his hand. His lover holds the remote control
Men who love anal stimulation will love the rocking motion of the Pulsus P-Spot which flexes inside of you to press up against your prostate.

Now, for a lot of men their bum is one way traffic. And that’s fine. If that’s you, feel free to skip this section. Sex should always be comfortable and no one should feel pressured to do anything they don’t want to do. Unless pushing your boundaries with genuine consent is part of your kink play, but that’s another matter.

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For those who are interested, the anus is a veritable universe of nerve endings and can be extremely exciting for someone if stimulated in the right way during sex. Entry level here might be a well-lubed finger or tongue but for the initiated there are wonderful toys on offer.

Beginner anal toys for men

The Calexotics Vibrating Booty Probe is a slender set of flexible anal beads.
Slender anal beads are a great, beginner friendly option for anal play. We love the Calexotics Booty Probe because it’s flexible, enjoyable, and made from non-porous, body-safe silicone.

If you have never had anything inserted into your bum before – maybe start small. Anal beads are often graded small to large so the first ones are generally a good way to test the sensation. If you like the sensation, try a small butt plug – maybe an anal training kit or a beginners vibrating option.

Why do men enjoy anal stimulation?

Men can enjoy anal sex more than women because the prostate gland is inside the rectum. Sometimes called the p-spot or male G-spot, many men find it incredibly pleasurable when stimulated. Some people can even have a prostate orgasm if their prostate is massaged – this is a different type of orgasm to a penile orgasm. Initially it’s a good idea to find your own first before letting someone else have a go! You’ll find it about two inches up inside your body on the front side – so towards your belly. Prostate stimulation is generally safe as long as you take proper precautions to avoid scratching or irritating the tissue. So douche first, trim your nails, be gentle, go slow, and start small and definitely use a good lubricant.

Prostate massagers

The Lelo Loki Wave 2 lies in the grass. This sex toy for men is a very powerful prostate massager.
The Lelo Loki Wave 2 is a powerful, high end sex toy for men who love prostate play. Our reviewers find it’s great by itself, but even more fun with a partner.

There are a large range of prostate massagers that make it much easier to target stimulate your prostate. They range from more budget friendly options like Adam & Eve’s silicone prostate massager, to the luxury Lelo Loki Wave 2, this has motors in each arm so you can massage your perineum at the same time. Some people can achieve an orgasm from perineum massage alone, called unsurprisingly a perineum orgasm.

There’s so much more when it comes to the world of sex toys for men, but this should be enough to get you started with your explorations. Explore your body, discover what you like, and get ready to share the delight with your partner in the future…