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Sexy Costumes

Whether you’re a naughty nurse, sexy schoolgirl or a foxy cop, embrace your fantasies in the bedroom with our range of sexy costumes.

No matter your fantasy, we stock a large range of sexy costumes for women and men to help you get into character. From sexy school girl costumes, to seductive sexy nurse costumes, our range of sexy dress ups come in many sizes and flattering cuts for all body shapes and sizes.

Enhance playtime with a sexy adult costume

Sex costumes are great for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas or Easter. Create a sexy bunny costume, complete with rabbit ears and furry tail butt plug for Easter shenanigans, pair a sexy red wig with some racy red lingerie for Valentine’s Day, get a little freaky with a sexy Halloween costume, or give your lover a gift they’ll never forget with a sexy Christmas costume!

But kinky dress ups aren’t just for special occasions. Enhance your every day with some sexy role play. Sexy outfits and bedroom costumes can help you adopt a new sexy persona, fulfil a fantasy, or explore a kink. Plus, they’re heaps of fun. After all, who doesn’t love a fancy dress party?

Explore role play with a bedroom costume

Role play is all about experimenting and exploring new possibilities in the bedroom. By adopting a persona, and kitting yourself out in a sexy costume, you might find it easier to open up, explore new ideas and experiment with different sexual scenarios.

Live out your fantasies

Cop and robber, teacher and student, doctor and nurse...whatever kinky fantasy you’re keeping, costumes are a great way to explore them in a sexy, but safe way. Set the scene, slip into a sexy outfit and don’t forget to accessorise! You might want to create a script so that you and your partner can really get into character. But remember, this is supposed to be fun! If you go off script, or can’t stop giggling, so be it!

Take on a dominant or submissive role

If you’re keen to explore power play, but you’re worried you’ll feel a little silly or shy taking on a submissive or dominant role in the bedroom, adult dress ups are great for helping you get into character. Be a sexy police officer (and don’t forget the cuffs!) to embrace your dominant side. Or play the bashful school girl if you’d like to take on a more submissive role.

Be someone else for a night

Spice up your sex life by introducing adult outfits into the bedroom. Even something as simple as a wig can help you add some novelty to date night. Pretend to be a stranger and meet your lover for the very “first” time. Role play can be a great way to spice up your routine and enhance foreplay, especially for couples in long-term relationships.

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