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Kegel Exercisers

Some of our erotic toys only provide excitement, thrills, and a more intense sexual experience for yourself and/or your partner.

Kegel exercisers promise a higher and more intense level of pleasure and enjoyment, but can also contribute to a woman’s health and well-being.

The Science of Kegel Exercising

According to some of the world’s top experts in medical science, Kegel exercisers can help to restore the strength and capabilities of vaginal muscles. Childbirth, ageing, surgery, and a number of other factors can weaken these muscles, leading to lowered sexual pleasure, but also a condition called stress incontinence.

Kegel exercisers involve working muscles along the pelvic floor and vaginal walls. 

While you can do Kegel exercisers any time and with no device involved, Wild Secrets encourages you to take what is a necessity for many women and transform it into a wild, intense, and more pleasurable time. 

Restore muscle tone where it counts to ensure that you lessen the chance of frustrating side effects of childbirth, surgery, or natural ageing, while restoring your ability to enjoy more powerful orgasms and sexual sensations.

Wild Secrets Brings a More Intense and Pleasurable Kegel Workout

We offer a wide selection of nearly 50 devices designed to help you make Kegel workouts a much more fulfilling and pleasurable exercise.

Our Kegel exercisers include this starter pack. It includes a bullet stimulator, two stainless steel balls perfect for insertion workouts, and additional silicone balls with retrieval rings.  

Others enjoy the elegant simplicity of this egg-inspired Kegel exercise device. The tear-shaped unit inserts comfortably inside of the vagina with a little lubricant. Its “tail” curves around to rest on the vulva, allowing the Bluetooth technology to synch with the workout app downloaded to your smartphone. creating a more intensively enjoyable experience. This free app includes a series of five- minute lessons on how to get the most benefit from your exercise equipment.

We also offer this set of graduated exercise devices. As you strengthen your muscles, you can move to more challenging objects to help to permanently restore function, control, and also more frequent and pleasurable orgasms.

Some of our customers buy our Kegel exercise equipment because they want to restore tone and function to pelvic and vaginal muscles. Others keep their focus on working to restore the intensity and frequency of orgasms that they enjoyed prior to childbirth or surgery.

Still others (and your secret is safe with us) use their Kegel devices as yet another top quality toy for self and partner exploration.

Whatever your Kegel need, Wild Secrets has the variety you want to select the device that you need. Check out our full selection of nearly 10, 000 sex toys, devices, and accessories. 

Don’t forget that this selection includes a range of lubricants that can help you achieve best results with some of our Kegel exercise devices. 

Let Wild Secrets be your personal one-stop shop for you and/or your partner’s playtime needs.

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