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Sex Toy Cleaners

Keep your sex toys in top condition with our wide range of sex toy cleaners.

It’s important to clean your sex toys to extend their life and keep them safe for use. From vibrators and dildos, to fleshlights and sex dolls, all your toys should be cleaned properly before and after use.

To help you keep your sex toys in pristine condition, we stock a range of safe, fragrance-free, water-based, antibacterial sex toy cleaners, including fleshlight cleaners, vibrator cleaners and more.

How to clean sex toys

Sex toys should be cleaned properly before and after each use with adult toy cleaners to prevent bacteria from building up, and to keep you safe. Proper cleaning will also help extend your toy’s lifetime.

To clean your sex toy:

  1. Check that it’s waterproof. Always check that your toy is waterproof before using water to clean it. Water can get into small cracks or crevices and can damage electrical components. If it’s not waterproof, you can still use sex toy cleaners. Just wipe them clean with a damp cloth and avoid rinsing with water or submerging your product in water.
  2. Find out what material it's made from. Porous materials, like latex and rubber, will need to be cleaned differently from non-porous materials, like glass and medical-grade silicone.
    1. If it’s made from a non-porous material: use a mild antibacterial sex toy cleaner and a damp cloth to wipe it clean.
    2. If it’s made from a porous material: these toys can trap bacteria, even after cleaning, so prevention is key - use porous toys with a condom if possible to avoid bacteria building up in the first place. Then clean as you would a non-porous toy.
  3. Avoid using scented soaps or harsh chemicals on your toy. Remember, these sex toys are going to be touching your body, inside and out! So you don't want to risk getting any irritants or nasties inside your most sensitive places.
  4. Dry your toys. Make sure to fully dry your toys after you wash them. Leaving them wet can lead to bacteria build up and damage.
  5. Store it properly. Store your toy in a case or silk bag to keep it away from bacterias, oils, powders and perfumes - you don’t want your toys picking up any irritants that could damage your device or your body!

How to clean a fleshlight

While most toys will follow the guide above, fleshlights are a little different because of their intricate designs and material. To clean your fleshlight:

  1. Remove the sleeve and run warm water through it to clean out any fluids.
  2. Spray some Fleshlight cleaner inside and outside of your sleeve. It’s important to use cleaners specifically designed for Fleshlights because toy cleaners that use soaps and detergents can deteriorate the material.
  3. Shake off the excess water and allow it to air dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on to the next step.
  4. Sprinkle a Fleshlight renewing powder onto the sleeve until it’s covered by a thin layer. Renewing powder is designed to help your fleshlight maintain its realistic texture!
  5. Store it away somewhere safe, clean and ready to go!

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