Your Top Sex Toys Of 2023

The We-Vibe Chorus, Wild Secrets Thrill, Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3, Adam & Eve Ravishing Rose and Adam & Eve Silicone Head Wand Massager are five of the top toys of 2023 - according to customer purchases on Wild Secrets
What were the top sex toys of 2023? We take a dive into your purchases to find out…

Every year we put thousands of sex toys on site, try them ourselves, and have them shipped out across the world. And we hope that you all love them as much as we do. But what were your top sex toys of 2023? In this article, we’re taking a look back at the toys that defined the year – and what they tell us about what we can expect in 2024. So in no particular order, here’s the toys you loved in 2023. At least according to what you all bought!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3

Surprise! Okay, you knew this was going to be on the list. This silicone coated upgrade to the Satisfyer Pro 2 came out this year and rocketed up the best seller lists. We love the added vibrations that you used to only find in the Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus. We also love the switchable heads and liquid air tech. And while there is an app enabled version, it looks like most of you are going with the tried and true offline model.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Rabbit Vibrator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus was one of the top sex toys of 2023
The Satisyfer Pro Plus adds internal vibration to the Air Pulse clitoral stimulation the Pro 2 is known for.

Speaking of Satisfyer, the Pro Plus was another of your top sex toys for 2023. It takes the air pulse tech of the Pro 2 and adds a slightly curved internal arm for G-Spot stimulation. We don’t see that many rabbits offering clitoral suction, but we expect to see more in 2024. If you’re looking for something different to the vibrating or flickering clitoral teasers, or like using a clitoral suction toy with a G-spot vibrator, this could be one for you.

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PDX Moto Bator 2

The PDX Moto Bator 2 is one of our best-selling sex toys for men, and a top sex toy for 2023
The Moto Bator 2 has a real-feel TPE sleeve, which some men prefer for its softer, more yielding texture compared to silicone.

The TPE Moto Bator 2 outsold a range of more premium, silicone masturbators to be one of the top sex toys of 2023 for men and penis owners. The Moto Bator 2 features a range of suction, thrusting and vibration functions, and a moulded vulva that opens wide to let you in. Its TPE sleeve is soft, and stimulating, and many men prefer the way it clings to your penis. Compared to silicone, it definitely offers a more realistic feel. The Moto Bator 2 is designed give you pleasure while moving itself. And that’s a trend that perhaps explains the next toy on our list as well.

Autoblow AI Plus

Autoblow is a brand providing motorised blow job toys for men with options ranging from programmed unpredictability to full AI trained blowjobs. And the AI Plus is their flagship model that comes with the ability to customise the pattern, and speed of your blowjob at the touch of a button – or just by speaking. It also lets you download new blowjob patterns, and has a premium, full silicone sleeve. With 2023 being the year of AI, we’re a bit surprised there’s not more sex toys using it. But we’ve definitely noticed people trying to use AI to market their toys to us!

What we do expect to continue to see is more of an emphasis on interactivity. In fact, we’re pretty sure that’s why the next toy made it onto our list of top sex toys for 2023.

Lovense Lush 3 Vibrating Egg

A Lovense Lush 3 bullet vibe lies on top of lingerie, next to a phone with the app for controlling it loaded on screen.
The Lovense Lush 3 is one of your top sex toys of 2023. Possibly because it’s wearable, possibly for its internet interactivity. Possibly both.

Okay, want to know an actual secret? Everyone wants an app controlled toy. They’re a user friendly, hassle free control option that doesn’t leave you with a lot of toy remotes trying to work out what controls what. They’re also great for partnered fun from foreplay to power exchange. But the big selling point of around the globe control for long distance relationships? It can be buggy. And disconnect mid session. And that can be the app programming, the user’s internet connection, or a combination of both.

So when Lovense’s toys started becoming very popular with adult performers on live cam shows we took notice. With a connection strength that lets the audience have near seamless interaction with their favourite star, more and more live performers started to buy Lovense. Or have the toys gifted to them by fans. And that’s why the Lush 3 has ranked so highly here. After all, a wearable, hands-free vibe does make it easier to manage a livestream!

Of course, if you just want the wearable fun without the extra elements you might want our next toy:

Wild Secrets Zest Wearable Vibrating Egg

A woman holds the Wild Secrets Zest Vibrating egg while her lover holds the remote control.
The Wild Secrets Zest is a classic, wearable egg vibrator that does what it does very well…

Our Zest Wearable Vibrating Egg is just designed for you and your partner. Featuring 10 vibration functions, it works while you’re together and comes in at the fraction of the price of the Lust 3. And coming in our signature dark pink, it’s designed to stand out so you can match it up the remote and toy easily. Like the Lush 3, it’s also a true wearable, which can make for some memorable out of home dates. If you’re a fan of dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation, the Zest may just be fore you. If you don’t already own one that is.

Of course, the Zest doesn’t really leave enough room for penetration, while its in use. If that’s what you’re after, you want a C-shaped couples vibrator, like our next top sex toy of 2023:

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

The We Vibe Chorus is a C shaped couple
The We Vibe Chorus’ interactive features have seen it keep its spot on the list of top toys for 2023.

The We-Vibe Chorus defines couples’ vibrators for many people. It’s crafted from soft, body-safe silicone and designed to provide orgasm inducing stimulation during partnered sex that’s very difficult to achieve manually. Namely internal G-spot and external clitoral pleasure. If you’re one of the approximately 70% of women who need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, this toy is for you.  The squeezable, motion activated remote is the winner for us though. It’s a unique offering that lets you both control the toy together as you use it.

Another entry into our top sex toys of 2023 is a returning favourite from last year that’s also designed to be used together during sex.

Wild Secrets Thrill Vibrating Couples Ring

The Wild Secrets Thrill is a cock ring that gives pleasure to both the partners during penetrative sex
Thank you for making the Wild Secrets Thrill our best-selling cock ring for the second year running!

We’re Thrilled it’s back. Yes you can groan now. But we’re proud the only cock ring on this list is one of ours. And this is its second year at the top too! The Thrill is a simple, rechargeable, and affordable couples ring designed to add to the intimacy of sex. For the wearer, it helps achieve stronger, longer lasting erections. For the penetrative partner, it provides targeted vibrating stimulation to the clitoris or perineum. The Thrill is a no frills toy in smooth silicone, designed to do one thing. And from what you’ve all told us, it does that very, very well. If you want a remote controlled option, we recommend checking out the Wild Secrets Excite, but so far, it looks like you all love a classic.

And speaking of a classic…

Adam & Eve Silicone Head Wand Massager – Rose Gold Edition

Adam & Eve
We think it’s the stylish, luxe design and simple controls of the Rose Gold Edition Wand Massager that makes it such a hit.

If you’re one of the people who tried to buy this toy while we were out of stock during the year, we’re sorry. We just keep underestimating how many you all want! This Adam & Eve Wand Massager is a simple toy with 10 vibration functions. No patterns, just a silicone head, but easy to use and a beautiful, art-deco look. It’s also great for those with mobility issues as it has a long, easy grip arm and can be wedged in whatever position works for you. There are more expensive, luxurious toys out there, but getting a easy to use wand that can also be passed off as a health device ticks a lot of boxes out there.

In fact, inexpensive, unassuming, but doing its job really well also describes the next product that made our list of your top sex toys of 2023. It’s just not one you’ll be able to explain away with the ‘health device’ explanation.

Pipedream Female Pump with Tongue

The Pipedream Pump with Tongue is an amazing sex toy for both foreplay and the main event - and one of our top sex toys of 2023
This Pipedream Pussy Pump is a classic that’s remained unchanged for many years – and it’s made your list of top sex toys for 2023 so it’s doing a lot right!

The Pipedream Female Pump with Tongue is one of the best oral-like toys for women that doesn’t use air pulse technology. This little purple wonder has a licking tongue stippled with pleasurable bumps that keeps going on your clitoris. Meanwhile, your choice of cup sits over your labia for delightful suction. This brings more blood to the area and makes you more sensitive and primed for orgasm. And then, if you want to enjoy some penetration, the handle becomes a vibrator, perfectly curved to hit your G-spot. As one reviewer, Tanya says: “I’ve never squirted so much in my life.”

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The last two toys on the list are a little different. One was a viral trend. The other was a bit of a dark horse that snuck up on us!

Satisfyer Men Wand Vibrating Masturbator

The Satisfyer Men Wand is a unique, precision masturbator that puts you in control over how and where you feel the vibrations - and one of our top sex toys for 2023.
The Satisfyer Men Wand was the dark horse of the top sex toys list this year, and one of the most unique designs we’ve seen for a men’s toy.

Most masturbators are a tube, or sleeve. And you thrust into it, or stroke it onto yourself. They either feels incredibly erotic due to the combination of material and texture, or the toy squeezes, sucks, thrusts, and/or vibrates on your shaft to either simulate sex, or provide stimulation that sex doesn’t without some motorised help.

The Satisfyer Men Wand doesn’t do any of that. It gives you a handheld massage toy with wings that are designed to grip along your shaft and glans, letting you direct the vibrations to specific areas. It’s great for foreplay, amazing for edging, and offers fifty vibration functions so you’ll never get bored. Definitely the dark horse on our list, but one that stands out due to its design choices.

And the last one? Well…

TikTok’s best sex toy of 2023: Adam & Eve Ravishing Rose Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulator

The Adam And Eve Rose Toy makes our top sex toys of 2023 list thanks to the viral TikTok trend
The Adam And Eve Ravishing Rose Toy makes our top sex toys of 2023 list thanks to Tiktok.

The ‘rose toy’ trend on TikTok had everyone scrambling for the toy in the video. That’s probably why there’s so many varieties available. The Adam & Eve Ravishing Rose is one of the more affordable options we stock, and its full silicone build and 10 delightful air pulse options means it delivers after you buy it. We’re not sure what the next toy to go unexpectedly viral will be in 2024, but we do expect it to be something cute, look like something else that doesn’t immediately scream sex toy, and sneak its way past the content bans to get itself talked about. Maybe the Toy Duck will make a comeback?

And that’s it – your top sex toys of 2023 as determined by your collective purchases here at Wild Secrets! From what we have it’s clear that the toys that do well generally fall into one of four categories:

  • Classic, affordable toys that provide a pleasurable experience without having to pay extra for bells and whistles.
  • Sextech with unique features like global interactivity, a squeeze remote, or AI powered oral sex simulation – and deliver on the promise.
  • Toys that stand out with a unique design setting them apart from the rest while still working just as well if not better than their standard counterparts.
  • Whatever manages to get itself trending on social media.

And while we don’t expect these trends to change much in 2024, the specific designs and features that suddenly become the next big thing are probably still in development. We’ve got plenty of new toys on order though, and we’re looking forward to hearing how you like them.