Sweet And Sizzling Valentine’s Date Ideas

A couple drink champagne in the bath as they enjoy a romantic Valentine
Need some Valentine’s date ideas? Kate Manning is here to help!

Are you a procrastinator like me? Fear not! I’ve compiled a list of both sweet and sizzling Valentine’s date ideas for you and your sweetheart to celebrate the great day of love. From heart-fluttering to heart-racing, there’s something here for all tastes and importantly, budgets.

Grab a tasty drink, get comfy and sit back as we dive into a smorgasbord of ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Valentine’s date ideas for romantics

A cosy cabin getaway

If you’re quite literally able to go the extra mile (or kilometre), why not consider whisking your partner away to a secluded cabin in the countryside? We’re spoilt for choice here, with beaches, mountains, country and rainforest.

My Hubby once surprised me with a Blue Mountains cabin getaway for Valentine’s Day. We spent two days eating the most tantalising local cuisine, drinking wine and relaxing  – and not relaxing – in a spa. Probably the best thing he did was keep the destination a secret. I was only allowed to know what to pack and when we’d be home.

On our last night, we sat listening to the sounds of nature and staring at the stars.

If you are going to get frisky in a spa, may I recommend a splashproof toy to help make the magic? One of my favourites is the Wild Secrets Excite Couple’s Ring. It’s discreet, great for both of you, and has a handy remote. Just remember that the Excite is waterproof. The remote is not.

A model holds the Wild Secrets Excite Vibrating Couples Ring and Remote
The Wild Secrets Excite is a deluxe vibrating couples’ ring that’s bound to spice up your Valentine’s Day date!

A night under the stars at home

We don’t all have the budget to splurge on an exclusive getaway. Luckily, romance doesn’t require money.

With some imagination, you can transform any space into a starry oasis. The first place to start is soft, ambient lighting. Fairy lights strung from trees, lanterns, candles. Play some soft, sexy music. Lay out a plush blanket, covered with cushions, and set up a projector to play your favourite romantic flick.

Make sure you take the bug spray out with you, so the mozzies aren’t snacking on you while you snack on each other!

A sunset picnic on or by the beach

There is nothing more romantic than a beach date. What could be better than the rhythmic sound of waves crashing, sunset hues in the sky, a chilled bottle of wine and a cheese plate?

Don’t make the mistake my high school boyfriend made though. Took me on a romantic date, but forgot the blanket, the food then kissed me like his tongue was a fish out of water, flapping around wildly hoping to find it’s way back where it came from. Urgh. Not to mention halitosis.

A DIY spa and massage

A woman holds a JimmyJane Santal massage candle in her hand.
Santal fresh cut sandalwood, and offers a rich, creamy, earthy scent with a hint of amber. Put it in a massage candle, and it’s a perfect Valentine’s date idea.

Create a sanctuary for your partner with a DIY spa night. Start with a couples bubble bath, followed by a massage session with some sensual oil. If you want to try something really romantic and fun, try the JimmyJane Santal Massage Candle. Once lit for 10-15 mins, extinguish the flame then you can pour the safe body-temperature wax directly onto skin. With a mix of soy oil, jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe, the candle is formulated for a sensual, nourishing glide. Perhaps I’ll review this next… heaven!

Valentine’s date ideas for those who like a bit of spice

Paint and sip (the sexy way)

Get ready to unleash your inner spice master and artist with this idea. A creative twist on the traditional paint and sip, set up some easels, canvases, paints and wine. You can paint a naked or sexy portrait of each other – which is bound to bring about many laughs. Or if you REALLY want to get adventurous, get into the world of edible products and paint each other’s bodies.

For this you can use (new) paint brushes, melted chocolate, or edible lubricant like the Wild Secrets Strawberry Kiwi lube. Most lubes – even flavoured ones – are colourless, so consider adding some edible glitter or sprinkles for colour. To take the edible game even further, why not model some edible panties such as this watermelon offering from Pipedream.

Role play in the kitchen

Ok this is one I’d love to try – take note Hubby! We love getting into the kitchen together and cooking up a storm as we sip wine and listen to good music.

The playful twist I’d like to incorporate is a little role play. I’m the bossy chef and he’s my underperforming sous chef. I’m thinking the wooden spoon might just come in handy.

If you’d rather not use your wooden spoon, I can highly recommend a silicone crop. It provides a nice sting while being supple, and ages a lot better than some vegan leather options.

Alternatively you could serve up the first course on your body. I’ll leave you to imagine what the main course is…

Create a sexy scavenger hunt

Craft a series of clues that lead your love to a location in your home where a challenge/sexual task awaits. E.g put a blindfold on, perform a ten second sexy dance, remove 3 pieces of clothing. Then keep going with more flirty challenges until you’re ready for the final event.

One Valentine’s date idea could be fitting a remote controlled toy to their underwear, and as they pass levels of challenges you can reward them with a press of the remote. Try the Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator. It’s good. Really good. And yes that’s personal experience.

Read more: Kate Manning reviews the Wild Secrets Adore Panty Vibrator.

Have a kinky games night

The Calexotics Naughty Bits Dice game
Sex Dice games, like the Naughty Bits set from Calexotics are a great Valentine’s date idea. They offer options and suggestions you may not have tried yet, and can also prolong your foreplay for a very spectacular finale.

To find out how well you know each other’s fetishes and desires, create your own quiz night that explores your fantasies. Try to guess each other’s answers, each correct guess earning you a sensual prize.

For other fun sexy games, explore the extensive range Wild Secrets has in stock. To start with a laugh, try adult charades. For something a bit more ‘exciting’ – and something I’d love to try – give the Tempt & Tease Dice Game a go. To play, roll the dice to determine body part, activity and length of playtime. What I love? There are NO losers in this game.

So, lovers and friends… with just a dash of creativity you can provide Valentine’s Day date that is romantic, kinky or a combination of both! Either way it will be an unforgettable experience. Embrace the spirit of spontaneity and enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

Kate x