Sex Toys for Men

There are several kinds of sex toys that are made specifically for men.  These male sex toys fall into several different types:

One of the most popular kinds of male sex toy is the prostate massager.  Stimulation of the prostate is one of the most intense pleasures a man can experience, and there are a number of different varieties of these available.  Some are motorised, making them a type of vibrator, while others are basically specialised dildos.  They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and there's bound to be at least one that's right for you. (It's a good idea to get one of the designs that features a wider flange around the base, as it is all too easy to accidentally 'suck' a prostate manager inside your anus during sex – which will then prove both painful and embarassing to remove – the flange will prevent this from occurring.)

Another popular sex toy for men is the cock ring.  This is a ring, usually plastic or metal, that sits around the base of the penis, and slows blood flow to and from the shaft.  This makes it  possible to maintain an erection for longer without resorting to viagra or other drugs.  Cock rings are produced in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes.  Some models also include small extensions designed to stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse, while others are designed to go around the testicles as well as the penis, or even just the testicles (these are usually called testicle cuffs).

The stereotypical male sex toy is the inflatable sex doll, but there are other, more specialised versions of imitation available.  There are imitation mouths, breasts, hands, vaginas and anuses available, for sexual pleasure when the real thing isn't around.  All of these toys, are soemtimes grouped together under the name of "fleshjacks", and most of them are fashioned from jelly rubber or imitation plastic  skins, and designed to feel as realistic as possible when you're inside them.    In recent years, new models have become available that include vibrator motors, and give great stimulation than the classic, inert fleshjack. Some of them are self-lubricating, but for the majority of them, you'll need lube as well as the toy.  The only major downside of these toys is that they can be difficult to clean after use.

Similar to fleshjacks in shape, and to cock rings in function, is the penis pump.  This male sex toy is designed to stimulate the penis and make it easier to get and maintain an erection.  They can also be used for masturbating to ejaculation, and are generally easier to clean than fleshjacks (although less realistic in both appearance and feel).  Some are motorised, but most are manually operated, which allows the user greater fine control over the speed of the pumping and the pressure applied.

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