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A sex game can be a fun way to liven up a couple's sex life a little, since it gives you a chance to do something a little different, and to step outside your normal role in sex play.  Either or both of these things is great if you're feeling a  little stuck in a rut – but even if you're not, and your sex life is going great, a change of pace can still be refreshing and fun.  (Sex games are also a good way  of breaking the ice when in a group sex situation.)

There are any number of sex games, but they are share a few common purposes.  Most of them set out to get the players in the mood for sex, and some of them even cross the  line into foreplay, or even full blown sex play.  Most sex games are also humourous, because laughter is the best way to release tension – and many people get kind of tense before sex.

The classic sex game is strip poker, and one of the most popular sex toys sold are decks of cards specifically designed for playing strip poker, and strip variants of other card games.  Strip games in general are among the most popular sex games, although there are plenty more – if a game exists, the odds are that someone has made a strip version of it, from strip Scrabble to strip Twister.

Another popular type of sex game are the many, many kinds of sexual roleplay, in which pretending to be someone else (with or without sexy costumes) allows a couple to explore different facets of sex play.  Some people are a little reluctant to experiment with roleplay in sex, but there's really nothing to worry about.  It's just good dirty fun, a chance to do something a little different.  If you're really concerned, you have a safe word (like in BDSM play) to indicate when you want to stop things, but the odds are you won't need it.

A lot of sex games revolve around different words and slang for assorted sexual acts, positions and body parts – many of these are (quite intentionally) very silly and lots of fun to play.  Other games challenge you and your partner to perform certain acts or assume certain positions – which can be a fun way to experiment and possibly add a position or two to your repertoire.

In the broadest sense, sex games also includes all sorts of BDSM play.  Bondage, discipline and submission are all, in a sense, forms of sexual roleplay.  Participants assume either the role of the dominator or dominatrix, or that of the submissive.  Safe words prevent anything from getting out of hand, or forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to do.  It can be oddly liberating to assume the role of a top or a bottom, and to leave your normal inhibitions behind, at least until the game is over.

And of course, the best thing of all about sex games is that, as Hot Chocolate put it: everyone's a winner!
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