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Doc Johnson John Holmes Super Sauna Penis Pump

Item Code: PH3545
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Clear Penis Pump- John Holmes Signature Series

When the king of porn puts him name to a penis pump, you know it´s going to be good. John Holmes Penis Pump provides great suction and a level of vacuum not found on many pumps.

The clear cylinder incorporates a soft double sleeve internally to allow it to be filled with water should you choose. The combination of the vacuum and water provides an unusual but extremely enjoyable sensation. Try it out and see what we mean. Improve the size of your manhood with this John Holmes Super Sauna Pump.

Black and clear, this pump is made out of plastic and soft rubber.

- Includes Stallion Pumper's lube.
- Created for a wet sucking experience.

Size / Dimensions : 8 inches x 2.5 inches
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